Restaurant Furniture Restoration by LE Furniture Repair

Le Furniture Repair now offers restaurant furniture restoration services for eateries in NYC – including Long Island and Queens.

While Barry is most well known for his kitchen cabinet refinishing work – he has always worked with restaurants as well. If you’re the owner of a bar, restaurant, or café in NYC, consider the advantages of restaurant furniture restoration over buying new.

Restaurant furniture restoration saves money. It simply doesn’t make sense to buy new tables and chairs every time an arm or leg is loose or damaged. Your restaurant can save thousands of dollars per year with restaurant furniture restoration by LE Furniture Repair.

Restaurant furniture restoration saves time. As the saying goes – time is money. And every minute you spend researching and shopping for new restaurant furniture is a minute that you aren’t focusing on the day-to-day operations of your business. LE furniture repair makes restaurant furniture refinishing easy. You just call or email to set up an appointment, and Barry takes care of the rest. All the work is done under your roof, so you don’t have to ship anything out.

Restaurant furniture restoration increases sales. In the hospitality industry – looks matter. It doesn’t matter how great your restaurant’s food is – if the furniture is in disrepair – customers will assume the menu items are too. On the flip side, when your restaurant furniture looks good, loyal diners linger, and new customers come in – that translates to more sales.

The moral of the story is why buy new when you can restore restaurant furniture – and make new again?