Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Queens : Wallet-Friendly Wood Restorations

For most people the kitchen is the heart of the home—made for cooking, socializing, and making memories. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is the perfect way to revamp and revive that special space – for next to nothing.  And with the holiday season quickly approaching, there’s no better time to invest in home improvements.

LE Furniture Repair offers affordable kitchen cabinet refinishing services in Queens,  and the best part is that they do the work right in your home. (Don’t worry, they take care of the clean up too!) Whether you live in Bell Harbor or Breezy Point – or any location in Queens, as long as you have real wooden cabinets, Barry and company can transform your kitchen from boring to chic in as little as a one week.

His services don’t end there – LE Furniture Repair can also restore antique furniture – from dining room tables and chairs to bedroom sets and rocking chairs – and basically anything made from wood.

Even if the piece in question looks beyond salvageable – chances are that it can be restored.  “It doesn’t matter if it’s old. Actually, older wood is higher quality and more easily restored. Basically, the worse it looks at first, the better it looks when it’s done,” Barry said.

Combine Barry’s ridiculously affordable kitchen cabinet refinishing and wood  furniture restoration services with a fresh paint job, some thrift shop art, or a DIY repurposing project or two – and your entire apartment will feel brand new.