Wood Furniture Restoration NYC: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Basic wood furniture restoration isn’t complicated, and may be something you can do yourself. The most important part is making sure you have all the right tools, and understand everything involved with the project you have in mind.

Fixing loose screws on a table or chair is pretty straightforward—requiring minimal time, tools, and know-how. However, for more complex repairs, it may be necessary to hire a professional.

Wood Furniture Restoration NYC: When to Hire a Professional

When dealing with antique furniture, the DIY option could be disastrous if you don’t know what you are doing. Why risk further damage to the piece, and a potential reduction in value, when you can hire an experienced and affordable expert like Barry Lewis, owner of LE Furniture Repair?

At the very least, consider calling for a consultation if you are unsure what the restoration entails. While it may seem like a good idea to paint a one-hundred-year-old bed to hide imperfections in the wood, Barry would tell you that painting reduces its value to almost nothing. While it might cost more than doing it yourself, hiring him could net you hundreds or even thousands if you ever decide to sell it.

When it comes to using LE Furniture Repair’s wood furniture restoration NYC services, there are so many advantages. All the work is done in your home, so you can monitor the process from start to finish. You also reap the benefit of Barry’s extensive experience. So before you DIY, call LE Furniture Repair for an estimate.