Restore Furniture

“At LE Furniture Repair, we restore furniture from faded to fabulous.” 

Is your wooden furniture showing its age? Nicks, dents, scratches, and scrapes – these are the scars our heirlooms acquire as they are passed down from generation to generation.  Our old furniture tells the stories of our lives –  it becomes a part of us, something alive.

And while a significant other or roommate may ask what you see in that dilapidated, broken down piece—at LE Furniture Repair, we know and understand. We live for that “I told you so” smile on your face after we restore your furniture from faded  to fabulous.

As a family owned and operated business, with over 55 years of experience,  we know how much that antique table, chair, or bed means to you—the memories it holds, and why you won’t let it go.

And why would you – when you can trust us to breathe new life into it – at a fraction of the cost of buying brand new?

LE Furniture Repair services cost 25 to 30 percent less than our competitors because the work is done right there in your home. That means there are no shipping costs or hidden fees. And  the best part is that you are there to oversee the whole process.

Whether your furniture needs refinishing, restoring, or a total overhaul – we work miracles on anything made from wood.  From kitchen cabinets to pianos to armoires and beyond, just call or email us today for a free estimate.

Click through our examples of past restored furniture projects.