Dining Room Sets Restored

Antique Dining Room Sets Restored at LE Furniture Repair

At LE Furniture Repair, we know that your heirloom dining room set means more to you then its monetary value.  It holds sentimental value as well.   As a piece is passed down from generation to generation, our family’s stories become a part of it.  Sometimes those memories are so firmly etched in the set, that it detracts from its physical beauty.  Maybe the table’s legs doubled as a scratching post for your grandma’s temperamental Siamese kitty, or your bohemian niece painted  flowers on it during her hippy phase, or maybe the whole dining room set was submerged in your basement when Hurricane Sandy hit.

Dining Room Sets Restoration Services

None of that matters. Whether your dining room set is warped, water logged, or scratched to smithereens – LE Furniture Repair will restore it to its former glory.  As long as it’s made from real wood, we guarantee we can make it look new again– and without sacrificing the piece’s rustic charm.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything but pick up the phone, because we come to you. Our skilled woodworkers do everything onsite, which cuts down on costs and turnaround time.  And if you’re worried about the mess – don’t be—because we treat your home like it’s our own, leaving it spotless and debris free.

So before you enlist your buddy with a truck to haul it off to the dump – or  worse, slap on a few coats of cheap paint – give us a call to have your dining room set restored.