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Dining Room Set Restoration: Restore or Replace?

Is it more cost effective to buy a new dining room set to restore the one I have? One question we’re always asked is “are restorations worth it?”. In this case, should you invest in professional dining room set restoration services or buy an entirely new set? As always, that depends on a few factors.  […]

Affordable Dining Set Restoration Services

Do you have buyer’s remorse after purchasing a ‘new to me’ dining set? Do words like ‘wrecked’, ‘botched’, ‘ruined’, and ‘utterly destroyed’ come to mind every time you look it at? Perhaps the pictures were inaccurate, or the movers damaged it in transit—whatever the case, chances are your dining set can be restored. Dining set […]

Broken Tables and Broken Chairs: Repairing and Repurposing

Before you write off your broken chairs and tables as curbside fodder, consider repairing them. It is not as expensive as you may think and costs much less than purchasing a new dining set. The first thing you should do is examine your furniture. A clean break is a good indication that it will be […]