Broken Tables and Broken Chairs: Repairing and Repurposing

Fix broken tableBefore you write off your broken chairs and tables as curbside fodder, consider repairing them. It is not as expensive as you may think and costs much less than purchasing a new dining set.

The first thing you should do is examine your furniture. A clean break is a good indication that it will be salvageable. Even if the wood is cracked or splintered, there is still hope if you hire an experienced wood working professional to do the job.

As a general rule of thumb, older wood is better and easier to repair. It is higher-quality and comes from a time when furniture was treated like an investment, and made to last a lifetime. Of course, if your now broken tables and chairs have been passed down through the generations or endured water damage they may very well be on their last limbs.

If this is the case, you should consult with a professional to find out if they are truly beyond repair. It never hurts to ask, and if you are in the New York Metropolitan area, LE Furniture Repair would be more than happy to take a look.

If a missing chair rung is the problem, chances are that it can easily be replaced.

Finally, if your broken tables and chairs are beyond repair—you can always find creative ways to repurpose them. Turn chair rails into picture frames. With a little help from Google and a toolbox, old tables magically transform into vintage shelves. Broken chair backs become towel racks. With a little imagination anything is possible!

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