Wood Bed Frame Repair in Boca Raton & West Palm Beach

Broken Bed Frame RepairBedroom set refinishing & Repair in Florida: Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and West Palm Beach

As the years go by, wooden furniture—especially bed frames— become susceptible to damage from overuse and need repair.  The frames become dry, brittle, and prone to cracking.

Whether incompetent movers failed to properly package your wooden furniture,  or your bed frame doubles as a scratching post for the family cat, or it suffered water damage from one of Florida’s many hurricanes—don’t worry, the good news is that most bed sets made from real wood can be repaired and restored to their previous state.

But, with so many furniture restoration services in the  area offering bed frame repair—why should you call LE Furniture Repair?

The answer is easy.  LE Furniture Repair has over 40 years of experience, and has handled every conceivable type of wood furniture repair, including:

  • Wooden Bed Frame Repair
  • Remove Burn Marks on a Wooden Bed Frame
  • Remove Stains on Wood Bed Frames
  • Remove Scratches on Wood Bed Frame
  • Fix Dog Chewing Damaged Bed Frames made of Wood
  • Fix Clawing by cats on Wood Bed Frames
  • Remove Perfume Stains from Wood Bed Frames
  • Repair Nail Polish Remover Damage on Wood Bed Frames

The difference between LE Furniture Repair and our competitors is our  unique repair and restoration techniques.  Because we do the work in front of you, in your own Boca Raton or West Palm Beach home, we are able to offer deep discounts on our high-quality bed frame repair services.  Our prices are a fraction of the cost of our competitors, meaning you can save up to 30 percent on the price of repair services. So, why pay extra to have your furniture shipped off to a warehouse—when there’s no guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the finished product?

Trust LE Furniture Repair for superior bed frame repair services in the Boca Raton & Delray Beach area.


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