Creative Ways To Fix Broken Bed Frames

When you tell you tell people that you broke your bed—they automatically give you a sly grin or a high-five. They assume that your ….night life must be more exciting than theirs.  And that’s fine—you never have to let them know that jumping children or weight gain is really the culprit. But, if you ever want another decent night’s sleep, eventually you will  have to fix that broken bed frame.

In the meantime here are a few creative fixes to try at home.  You can…

  1. Pretend that your bed frame isn’t broken and get used to sleeping vertically. Lie very still…
  2. Find some piece of something sturdy to hold up the bed and pray.
  3. Sleep on the sofa and hire a masseuse to manage subsequent neck and back pain.
  4. Drink half a bottle of Nyquil or Whiskey so that you can actually get some sleep while “lying” on your broken bed.
  5. Sleep on an air mattress and visit a chiropractor to mange subsequent neck and back pain.
  6. Be glad that you finally found a use for your Encyclopedia Britiancias.
  7. Just stay awake. All day, everyday.

If these fixes for your broken bed frame seem excessively dodgy, and not sleeping is not an option,  then we suggest you call the experts at LE Furniture Repair. We are a family owned and operated business with over 60 years of experience. If we can’t fix it—no one can.

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