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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Boynton Beach Area: 5 Reasons to Do it Now!

 Updated January 20th , 2022 – originally published August 12th, 2019 Don’t put off refinishing your kitchen cabinets in your Boynton Beach home any longer.  If “kitchen cabinet refinishing” has been on your to-do list for a while, now’s the time to check it off.  This is especially true if you recently bought a West […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Nassau County: Don’t Buy New

Whether you just bought a new to you house in Nassau County and want to remodel a dated kitchen or want to upgrade your apartment’s kitchen, refinishing is often more cost effective than buying new. Originally published on 6/2020 – Updated to reflect service area changes (now servicing Nassau County on 3/22/21) If your kitchen […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in a Time of Coronavirus

Since our professional kitchen cabinet refinishing services are temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus – and New Yorkers are under quarantine – it’s the perfect time to learn a new skill or catch up on our home improvement bucket lists. Now more than ever we need to maximize our often tiny spaces to hold  hoarded […]

Holiday Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing – The Perfect Last Minute Gift!

Professional kitchen cabinet refinishing by LE Furniture Repair is the gift your loved ones will appreciate for years to come. With the holiday season in full swing – and the chances of your package making it on time through USPS dwindling daily – consider giving the gift of professional kitchen cabinet refinishing to your loved […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: How to Update Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing

Find out how to update your kitchen cabinets without spending thousands on replacing them – your wallet will thank you! Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Other Budget Friendly Kitchen Updates Replace cabinet doors and handles – If you are happy with the layout of your kitchen cabinets then updating the doors and handles is an inexpensive […]

Kitchen Cabinet Restoration: Restore & Create Space

Professional kitchen cabinet restoration by LE Furniture Repair Can kitchen cabinet restoration bring you joy and prosperity? Perhaps. Thanks to the popularity of all things KonMari – who believes that cleanliness and tidiness are happiness – decluttering and home improvements, like kitchen cabinet restoration, have become one of New Age New York’s favorite pastimes. The […]