Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: Five Reasons to Do it Now!

Don’t put off refinishing your kitchen cabinets any longer.  If “kitchen cabinet refinishing” has been on your to-do list for a while, now’s the time to check it off.  We’ve come up with five good reasons to motivate you to schedule professional  refinishing services today!

  1. While it may not seem like a top priority to refinish your cabinets in the summer, fall  is almost here and you’ll be spending a lot more time inside. Do you really want to be holed up staring at those splintered old cabinets with the broken doors?
  2. It’s football season! Instead of trudging through the slush on a cold New York City winter night to watch the game at your friends’ place – invite them over to yours and impress them with your newly refinished cabinets. Yeah, see how they  close without falling off the hinges?
  3. It’s a fact – a cluttered environment decreases productivity. Broken cabinet doors reveal your inner hoarder and make it hard to focus. Kitchen cabinet refinishing can make them new again.
  4. Professional kitchen cabinet refinishing by LE Furniture Repair costs 10 times less than buying new cabinets! It’s totally affordable on almost any budget.
  5. According to Feng Shui – the kitchen represents your life force – and symbolizes wealth and prosperity. That means if your kitchen cabinets are falling apart, your well-being and financial health could suffer as well.  What better reason do you need to invest in professional kitchen cabinet refinishing services?