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Advantages of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Creating the kitchen of your dreams doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Kitchen cabinet refinishing services by LE Furniture Repair are affordable on almost any budget, and offer a number of advantages. Saves time – The beauty of kitchen cabinet refinishing is that the entire process is done in your own home. Nothing needs to […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Brooklyn : Affordable Kitchen Upgrades

Summer is almost here. That means BBQs, fun, and friends. Make sure your kitchen is guest-ready with these affordable upgrades. Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Brooklyn –  If your kitchen cabinets are made from real wood, and you’re happy with the existing layout—then kitchen cabinet refinishing or restoring is affordable on almost any budget.   At one-tenth the […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Long Island: Not All Cabinets are Created Equal

The time for renovations, remodeling, restoring, and kitchen cabinet refinishing in Long Island is upon us. Spring is just around the corner, and we are all ready for change after a cold Long Island winter. For many, that change begins with kitchen cabinets. While a complete kitchen makeover may not be feasible – there are […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: Why Real Wood Is Better

People ask us all the time – what’s the point of refinishing our old wooden kitchen cabinets when we could buy new ones for around the same price, maybe less, at Ikea? It’s a great question. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is inexpensive when compared to buying new real wood kitchen cabinets – but often costs  more […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Queens : Wallet-Friendly Wood Restorations

For most people the kitchen is the heart of the home—made for cooking, socializing, and making memories. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is the perfect way to revamp and revive that special space – for next to nothing.  And with the holiday season quickly approaching, there’s no better time to invest in home improvements. LE Furniture Repair […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Brooklyn: Just In Time for Friendsgiving

The holidays are right around the corner, and no way is your crumbling kitchen fit to host an item off McDonald’s dollar menu let alone the fifth annual “Friendsgiving” day celebration.  (Too many friends with trust-fund-start-up-restaurant-owner-spouses in your crew this year…you would literally die of embarrassment.) It’s time to think fast…a brand new kitchen set […]

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