Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: Why Real Wood Is Better

People ask us all the time – what’s the point of refinishing our old wooden kitchen cabinets when we could buy new ones for around the same price, maybe less, at Ikea?

It’s a great question. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is inexpensive when compared to buying new real wood kitchen cabinets – but often costs  more than purchasing new cabinets made of particle board.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

If you are looking only at sticker price only – Ikea cabinets win, hands down.  However, if durability and quality are important to you, then it’s best to consider other options, like kitchen cabinet refinishing or investing in custom cabinets.

The reason that you get such a “good deal”  at Ikea is because they use inexpensive  materials. Their cabinets may look good now, but nothing built from particle board is made to last.  The cheap material is porous and vulnerable to water damage and has a shorter life span than plywood and real wood.  Ikea kitchen cabinets are not an investment. They will fall apart, and unlike real wood – are not restorable. This may not be an issue if you are a student or a short-term renter who moves around a lot – but if you own your home, or rent long-term, kitchen cabinet refinishing is a more cost-effective solution.

First of all – you already own the kitchen cabinets. And anything built from real wood is made to last. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is an investment—one that costs significantly less than purchasing custom-made cabinets, or buying new – but it is still an investment that can even increase the resale value of your home or apartment.