Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Brooklyn : Affordable Kitchen Upgrades

Summer is almost here. That means BBQs, fun, and friends. Make sure your kitchen is guest-ready with these affordable upgrades.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Brooklyn –  If your kitchen cabinets are made from real wood, and you’re happy with the existing layout—then kitchen cabinet refinishing or restoring is affordable on almost any budget.   At one-tenth the cost of replacing, and half-the-cost of refacing—you really can’t go wrong with LE Furniture Repair’s kitchen cabinet refinishing services in your Brooklyn home or apartment!

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing – If your kitchen cabinets are made of  particle board or low-quality laminates then you may want to consider refacing. This entails removing existing doors and veneers, and replacing them with newer models.  It’s a lot cheaper than buying new, but expect to spend a minimum of $1,000.  Unless, you want to try peel and stick veneers.  Very inexpensive, but remember—you  get what you pay for! 

A New Paint Job – The quickest and least expensive way to transform your entire kitchen is with a few coats of paint. Light colors open up and brighten a small space, while dark colors add depth and highlight contours.

Go Green – Brighten up a lackluster kitchen with plants and flowers. While Brooklyn apartments aren’t exactly known for being spacious, a few strategically placed hanging plants  can really liven up the place.

Hanging Racks – Get organized and free up valuable cabinet space with wall racks. There are so many models to choose from, so you can find one that not only looks cool—but  is useful as well.