Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Long Island: Not All Cabinets are Created Equal

The time for renovations, remodeling, restoring, and kitchen cabinet refinishing in Long Island is upon us. Spring is just around the corner, and we are all ready for change after a cold Long Island winter. For many, that change begins with kitchen cabinets.

While a complete kitchen makeover may not be feasible – there are plenty of economical options, such as refinishing or restoring your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Long Island is ideal for homeowners (and long term renters) who have real wooden kitchen cabinets and are content with their kitchen’s existing layout.  Refinishing costs roughly half the price of replacing, and one-tenth  the price of replacing.  If you decided to buy new kitchen cabinets, chances are that the new wood wouldn’t be anywhere near the same quality as what you currently have, anyway.

Unfortunately, not all cabinets are created equal, and not all of them can be refinished or restored. For example, if your cabinets are made from particle board – you are better off  painting them, or replacing them entirely, depending on the level of wear and tear.

“If your cabinets are not made from high-quality materials to begin with, you should probably just replace them,” advises LE Furniture Repair’s owner, Barry Lewis.

“But, if they are made from real wood, keep the quality you already have, and save thousands of dollars. LE Furniture offers affordable kitchen cabinet refinishing services in Long Island and the surrounding areas – and for 25 to 30 percent less than local competitors,”  he says.