Why Choose Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Over Buying New

If your kitchen cabinets need repair it usually makes more sense to have them professionally refinished than to buy new.  This isn’t always the case – but to see if it’s true for you it helps to weigh the pros and cons.

The Pros & Cons of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing:

Save moneyRefinishing your kitchen cabinets will (almost) always cost less than installing new ones of the same quality. (That is assuming you have real wood cabinets to begin with.) This is especially true of cabinets made before 1980 because the wood used was of such high quality.

Save time – Unless you’re looking at low quality pre-fab cabinets the turn around time for restoring what you already have is much faster. Installing new cabinets could take weeks or months and often involves gutting your whole kitchen. The only cost for refinishing your cabinets is labor – while buying new entails much more.

Less mess – Ripping apart an entire kitchen and installing new cabinets is a messy and time-consuming project. If you hire Barry to restore them instead – there’s hardly any mess involved, and he’ll leave your home as clean as he found it.


Can’t change kitchen layout – In most cases the cabinets you are refinishing will stay in the same place. This is only a con if you’re unhappy with your existing kitchen layout.

You can’t refinish particle board – Kitchen cabinet refinishing only makes sense if they’re made of real wood (Cherry, Oak, etc.) – not metal or particle board.