Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in a Time of Coronavirus

Since our professional kitchen cabinet refinishing services are temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus – and New Yorkers are under quarantine – it’s the perfect time to learn a new skill or catch up on our home improvement bucket lists.

Now more than ever we need to maximize our often tiny spaces to hold  hoarded supplies – and try not to go totally stir crazy.

Here are a few DIY kitchen cabinet refinishing tips for the time being.

Remove shabby looking kitchen cabinet doors – Cabinet doors take up at least an inch of valuable storage space so it’s probably best to remove them, especially if they need to be professionally refinished anyway.

Go light for spring! We don’t recommend painting real wooden kitchen cabinets – but if you have metal or particle board cabinets – paint them light colors to create the illusion of more space in your kitchen. Since hardware stores are considered essential services – you’ll probably be able to find paint – although we can’t say the same thing for clean up supplies like paper towels.

Reface your kitchen cabinets – While you are waiting out the corona-pocolypse for professional kitchen cabinet refinishing services, why not consider refacing them? Again, if you have particle board or metal cabinets – the sky is the limit, and you don’t have to be too careful. However, if you’re blessed with real wooden cabinets – please be meticulous so you don’t ruin the wood.

There are tons of kitchen cabinet refinishing tutorials available online to help guide you through until life returns to normal again. In the meantime, stay healthy!

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