Dining Room Set Restoration: Restore or Replace?

Is it more cost effective to buy a new dining room set to restore the one I have?

One question we’re always asked is “are restorations worth it?”. In this case, should you invest in professional dining room set restoration services or buy an entirely new set?

As always, that depends on a few factors.  The first is what material your dining room set is constructed from. If it’s made from metal or particle board paying for dining room set restorations is more than a little frivolous considering how cheaply you can get these mass produced kitchen sets nowadays.

The answer changes if you own a real wooden dining room set, especially if it’s a family heirloom.  Wooden furniture built before 1980 was made to last and constructed from higher quality wood than anything on the market today. So while you might be able to find a very cheap dining room set made from low quality wood, to purchase a new set of the same quality as your heirloom would cost a small fortune today.

In this case, dining room set restoration services are a bargain and worth every penny.  LE Furniture Repair can work magic on your old wooden table and chairs – making them look brand new again. Loose chipped dining room set legs or rungs are easily repaired.  We even offer dining room set restoration for water damaged furniture.  When it comes to restoring real wooden furniture there’s almost nothing we can’t do!

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