Affordable Dining Set Restoration Services

Do you have buyer’s remorse after purchasing a ‘new to me’ dining set? Do words like ‘wrecked’, ‘botched’, ‘ruined’, and ‘utterly destroyed’ come to mind every time you look it at?

Perhaps the pictures were inaccurate, or the movers damaged it in transit—whatever the case, chances are your dining set can be restored. Dining set restoration services by LE Furniture Repair can save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying new.

Even if the table’s legs look like they’ve been through an underwater wood chipper, that doesn’t mean the piece is beyond repair. Actually, Barry always says that the worse something looks when he starts the job, the better it looks when he’s done. If you read this blog a lot, you already know that rarely is anything too old to restore.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite (as long as we are talking about real wooden furniture). Newer faux wood substitutes aren’t made to last, and should generally be thrown away (or repurposed) when they are broken. However, old wood is practically eternal in terms of longevity, and restores beautifully.

Dining set restoration with LE Furniture Repair is an affordable way to upgrade a piece you love. All work is done right in your home, so you never have to worry about hiring movers or renting equipment to transport your furniture.

Whether it’s something you want to keep in the family for generations to come, or sell to another collector now, Barry’s restoration and repair services will increase your dining set’s aesthetic appeal and market value.

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