Affordable Wooden Bed Frame Repair, NYC

Broken Bed Frame Repair

LE Furniture Repair offers affordable wooden bed frame repair in your NYC home or apartment.

If your wooden bed frame splits or cracks, you might think the cheapest repairs are the kind you do yourself.  If you’re a skilled woodworker, with years of experience fixing furniture, then this could very well be true.

However, if you aren’t, then you may want to consider a few things before trying to rebuild your bed frame. For instance, if your bed frame is antique, that means it’s most likely made from higher-quality wood than today’s models. This sounds like a good thing, however, if you were to further split the wood while trying to repair it, then you could do irreparable damage and end up needing to replace your entire frame.   

Even if it isn’t antique, fixing a bed frame requires specific tools like a drill, wood glue, scrap wood, putty, and of course lots of free time. If you’ve never done it before, expect to spend no less than twice as long as any article suggests the job should take. In addition, if you damage the finish, or if it’s already in need of updating, you’ll need to refinish it as well.  That’s an entirely different skillset you’ll need to learn.

Factor in the hours you spend while juggling work or classes, or both, and you just may find that it’s more cost effective to hire a professional than to do it yourself.  

LE Furniture Repair provides fast and affordable bed frame repair services in NYC. We’re able to offer deep discounts because we do all the work in your NYC home or apartment.  Don’t lose another night of sleep because of a broken bed frame. Call today.