Bedroom Set Refinishing: Don’t Buy New – Renew !

Bedroom Set Refinishing: Don’t Buy New – Renew !

Is your old bedroom set adding to your Covid induced cabin fever? Now more than ever creating a comfortable living environment is crucial. For many New Yorkers our bedrooms have become our office, hangout, and where we spend the majority of our time.

A broken bed frame or worn out bed gets old fast. Imagine the entire frame collapsing while you’re in a Zoom meeting with your boss sans pants? LE Furniture Repair’s bedroom set refinishing services are the affordable bedroom upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

With the cost of living skyrocketing, buying a brand new bed is out of the question for most of us.  Save money by restoring what you already have instead of buying something you’ll struggle to afford.

Instead of being embarrassed by a worn old bed frame, you’ll be the talk of the zoom office with your restored-to-former glory antique bedroom set. 

There’s no need to venture out and risk your health because Barry comes to you and does all the work right there in your home.   

As long as it’s made from real wood – Barry can repair it. Yes, even if it’s on its last leg, there’s still hope.  When it comes to restoring old bedroom sets – the older the better.  You won’t have to move to an air mattress on the floor – we promise. You can have a high-quality grown-up bed – all you have to do is call or email to make it happen.

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