Bedroom Set Refinishing Services in Queens

Is your wooden bedroom set starting to show its age? Before you call a junk remover to haul it off, consider having it refinished. LE Furniture Repair’s Bedroom set refinishing services in Queens, NY, including Breezy Point and Bell Harbor, come at fraction of the cost of buying brand new furniture.

Even if you think your bedroom set is beyond repair—think again. When it comes to bedroom set refinishing, older is actually better. Just ask Barry from LE Furniture Repair—with 55 years of experience in the industry, he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

“For best results for bedroom set refinishing, the older they are the better they look after they are refinished. There’s more you can do with old furniture—because it was built to last and made from higher quality wood,” he said.

This rule applies to more than just bedroom set refinishing. Basically, if it’s made of old wood, and it’s not looking good, Barry can bring it back to life.  LE Furniture Repair offers a wide variety of services from kitchen cabinet refinishing, dining set restoration, dresser refinishing and much more.

The best part is that there’s no shipping anything out, all the work is done in your home. And don’t worry about the mess—LE Furniture Repair takes care of cleanup, leaving your space as clean as it was when they arrived.  Barry has satisfied clients all across Queens, from Bell Harbor to Breezy Point and beyond.  Just try him and see for yourself.

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