Budget-Friendly Bed Frame Repair

Don’t let a damaged bed frame keep you awake at night. With LE Furniture Repair’s affordable wooden bed frame repair services, you’ll never toss and turn trying to get comfortable again.

Many people believe that the secret to sound sleep lies in a high-quality mattress, but that’s not entirely true. A mattress is only as effective as the bed frame supporting it. If yours is broken, you will spend more time counting sheep than enjoying a good night’s sleep.

When your frame is badly damaged, you have two choices. The first is to haul it off to the dump, then spend hundreds, if not thousands on a new one. The second is to call the experts at LE Furniture Repair to make it new again.

As long as your bed frame is made from real wood, chances are Barry can restore it. The older it is, the better—because older wood is made to last, and better than what’s on the market today. It is also much easier to repair, and better looking when it’s finished.

One of the major advantages of working with us is that there’s no shipping anything out; all the work is done in your home. That means faster turnaround time, and lower rates. By minimizing our overhead costs, we pass the savings on to you—and offer our services for 25 to 30 percent less than our competitors.

If you’re worried about a mess—don’t be—we’ll leave your house cleaner than it was when we got there. So, before you lose another night of sleep, give us a call and ask about our budget-friendly bed frame repair services.

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