We Come to You: Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Nassau County

Nassau Kitchen Cabinet Refinish

Nassau County Residents: Do your kitchen cabinets look tired, worn, and dated? Are they covered in dents, knicks, scratches, or stains? Then maybe it’s time to upgrade. No, we don’t mean you should go out and buy all new cabinets. Why buy new – when you can refinish and make new again?

LE Furniture Repair’s kitchen cabinet refinishing services in Nassau is the affordable way to upgrade your kitchen. Let Barry work his magic and breathe life into those old dull cabinets.

Our complete Nassau kitchen cabinet refinishing service covers every aspect of restoration from prep work to clean up so you never have to lift a finger. We start by covering all cabinet interiors, nearby furniture, and appliances with protective plastic to contain any temporary mess. Then we strip and sand your kitchen cabinets with high-quality sandpaper until the surface is smooth and flawless. Next it’s time for you to choose what kind of finish you want—if you’re not sure, don’t worry, we are there to help you decide. We have a wide variety of finishes to choose from for our kitchen cabinet refinishing services, and always carry samples with us. After we apply the finish, it’s important to stay out of the area for a while and let the coating set and dry.  

After your cabinets dry, and you approve our work – we’ll clean up, leaving your kitchen spotless. The only evidence we were there? Your brand new refinished kitchen cabinet set!

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