Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: Why NOT to Do It Yourself

There are thousands of articles online encouraging you to refinish your own kitchen cabinets. This is not one of them. And, it’s not just because we want your business—it’s because we do kitchen cabinet refinishing professionally. We know how much time and effort goes into it. We also know how many DIY projects fail—and how much time we have to spend fixing them.

So please, before you start your DIY kitchen cabinet refinishing project, consider a few things.

If you are like most New Yorkers—you have a job, a family, and perhaps a social life. If you insist on trying your hand at kitchen cabinet refinishing—know that it is a time consuming project—and, unless your hire help, all other aspects of your life will suffer.

Laundry will pile up. Dishes won’t get washed. Giant dust bunnies will take over your house. Your hands will match the stain you hoped would look great on your cabinets (it was just one shade too dark).

Before you lift a paintbrush (which may not produce the look you’re after), prep work is required. What kind of wood do you have? How old is it? Has it been painted over? How many times, and what kind of paint or finish was used?

Once you are finally ready to begin your kitchen cabinet refinishing project, you may need to remove your cabinet drawers and doors. Obviously, this requires you to purchase tools.  You also run the risk of damaging wood or hinges—which could incur more costs.

Then, there is detail work. Many old wood cabinets have intricate detailing work that can be lost with a bad paint job.

As you can see—a lot of work goes into kitchen cabinet refinishing. And there is nothing worse than dedicating all of your valuable spare time to a project that looks, well, DIY.

At LE Furniture, we have over 55 years of experience in kitchen cabinet refinishing.  We guarantee we can save you at least 25-30% compared to other furniture companies—and you will retain 100% of your sanity.

We also guarantee the  lowest prices around. So, before you commit yourself to hundreds of hours of painstaking work—why not give the professionals at LE Furniture a call first?

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