Old Furniture Restoration: Don’t Paint That!

When it comes to old furniture restoration, painting and refinishing are not the same thing. Refinishing is a type of old furniture restoration while painting is a form of old furniture destruction. Restoration breathes new life into antique wooden furniture while painting forever buries its natural beauty.

While we often hear restoration and paint used interchangeably, the only painting involved in proper old furniture restoration is a verb. We paint on the stain, we do not use paint (the noun). Ever.

If the old furniture in question is a wooden antique or heirloom – painting completely strips it of any monetary value (and dignity). Old furniture restoration, on the other hand, can actually increase the value of the piece if done correctly – by a professional like Barry here at LE Furniture Repair.

A tree gave its life for that heirloom, and painting over it is like spitting on its grave – while old furniture restoration is the antiquing equivalent of giving it everlasting life.

Is it ever ok to paint old furniture? Not if it’s made from real wood, and if you do, please don’t call it ‘restoration’. The only time it’s ok to paint furniture is if it’s made of metal, particleboard, or any other material that isn’t wood.

If you have a wooden heirloom that you think is beyond repair, chances are it can be resurrected with LE Furniture Repair’s old furniture restoration services. Don’t paint – restore! Give that old tree the new life it deserves.

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