Professional Bedroom Set Restoration in Boca Raton, Florida: We Come to You!

For affordable bedroom set refinishing and restoration services in Boca Raton & Delray Beach, Florida call LE Furniture Repair.  We come to you! 

Originally published 11/6/2019 – Edited and republished on 3/18/22

Your heirloom bedroom set has been in the family for generations and it shows.  Florida’s notorious high-humidity environment wreaks havoc on wooden furniture if it isn’t properly stored. The moisture in the air and condensation can cause the wood to rot and warp, and lead to severe water damage.

But fret not, even if your family’s antique bedroom set has lived in Boca Raton since your great-great-great grandma’s birth, LE Furniture Repair can fix it

If you have a wooden bed set in need of repair – consider investing in professional bedroom set restoration services by LE Furniture Repair.

Cheaper to Refinish your Bedroom Set than to Buy New 

Wood furniture restoration services are a fraction of the cost of buying a new bedroom set. While lumber prices have been on a wild ride in 2021 – coming down from their highs in the spring – some of those price increases look like they’re here to stay, at least on the consumer side of things. That means it’s more expensive to buy high-quality wood furniture than in the past.

If your antique dressers and bed are made from real wood – chances are you won’t find the same quality today, even in the high thousands range.

Old wood from before 1980 was higher quality than what you find on the market today.  Think about it – a bed only – not even including dressers- will set you back at least a grand – and that’s the no-frills budget stuff, usually made from wood composites.

Repair & Refinish Water Damaged Bedroom Set

Imagine how much you’ll spend on a middle-of-the-road wooden bedroom set? It makes much more financial sense to restore the bedroom set you already have, even if it has water damage.

Believe it or not – Barry can make it look brand new! In fact, he often says that the worse shape it’s in when he starts working, the better it looks when it’s done.

Professional bedroom set restoration is affordable on almost any budget. You don’t have to ship anything out because Barry, the owner of LE Furniture Repair comes to your Boca Raton or Delray Beach home or apartment.  That means you can watch him work his magic as he breathes life into your old bedroom set – and makes it new again.

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