Wood Pew Refinishing in Boca Raton & Delray Beach

Wood Pew Restoration in Boca Raton

Refinish Wooden Pews Instead of Buying New!

Le Furniture Repair now offers onsite, affordable refinishing services for wood church pews, benches and chairs, as well and Synagogue Pews  in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach Florida.

While Barry is most well known for his  residential kitchen cabinet refinishing and restoration services – he has always worked with community worship centers as well. 

If you are a Priest or a Rabbi in the Boca Raton area considering the advantages of restoration over buying new – look no further!

Why Choose Professional Synagogue & Church  Wood Furniture Repair Services vs. Buying New?

Wood furniture restoration saves money.

Especially after enduring long closures during the pandemic, every dollar counts. Religious centers and places of worship need to conserve money to help congregations and communities.  The cost of wood has soared over the last year due to wood shortages and supply issues caused by the pandemic. Buying new will cost a small fortune at a time when you need to invest less cash, not more.

Synagogue Pew restoration saves time.

Every minute you spend researching and shopping for new synagogue pews and furniture is a minute that you aren’t focusing on the spiritual needs of your community.  LE furniture repair makes refinishing easy. You just call or email to set up an appointment, and Barry takes care of the rest. All the work is done onsite, right inside (or outside!) of your Boca Raton Synagogue – so you don’t have to ship anything out.

Church Pew & Bench Restoration builds morale and pride among the congregation. 

While vanity may be a sin, taking pride in the appearance of your church is another matter. As the spiritual center of your congregation, it doesn’t matter how much your sermon resonates – if the pews are in disrepair – churchgoers will assume that their house of worship is not a priority. On the flip side, when your church and the wooden pews and furniture look inviting and clean, parishioners – new and old – will feel welcome in calling your Boca Raton or West Palm beach area church their spiritual home!

The moral of the story is why buy new when you can your have your wooden pews professionally and affordably restored! Call 561-789-4947 today!  (We prefer calls to emails for quickest response)

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