Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Repair – We Come to You!

Because professional kitchen cabinet repair services in NYC don’t have to cost a fortune.

The ad for your apartment read: Charming tenement-style dwelling with rustic 1900’s kitchen cabinets.   It wasn’t long before you learned that was New York City speak for ‘very long and narrow closet-like-space with kitchen cabinets badly in need of repair’.  In the beginning, you told yourself it was ‘charming’ – that is until all the glasses you owned broke when the bottom of the very old and very water damaged cabinet fell out.

In NYC, we need every inch of in-house storage we can get. Broken cabinets just take up valuable space while contributing to excess clutter; but investing in new kitchen cabinets is expensive and time consuming.

Did you know that LE Furniture Repair’s kitchen cabinet repair service is one of the most affordable ways to reclaim your space and make it look great? In about a week you can have the kitchen of your dreams – at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new cabinets.

Maybe when you first moved in, you squinted to see the charm in the old cabinets lining your kitchen wall. You knew they had potential or looked good at some point in history. Imagine if your cabinets could look as good as you imagined? They can!

Even if your cabinets are water logged and hanging by a rusty old hinge, chances are that Barry can repair them. Since LE Furniture Repair does all the work in your home, there are no shipping and handling fees or costs associated with sending your cabinets off to a warehouse. It also means that our kitchen cabinet repair services cost up to 30 percent less than our competitors.

Don’t wait. Call today about LE Furniture Repair’s affordable kitchen cabinet repair services.