Antique Furniture Repair: When Not to Restore

Perhaps you picked up an antique wooden table at a road show, or inherited old furniture that has been in your family for generations. At best, it shows signs of wear and tear; at worst, it’s completely unusable.

You’re probably wondering if antique furniture repair or restorations are right for your piece. As any seasoned collector knows, once old furniture is restored, it’s no longer considered authentic, and loses most, if not all of its (monetary) value. Meanwhile, a casual collector may falsely assume that just because something is old, it’s a valuable heirloom, which unfortunately, isn’t true.

So what should you do? In order to decide if antique furniture repair is right for you, you’ll need to establish your expectations for the item. Are you planning to resell it? Or do you just want it for decorative or sentimental purposes?

If you’re in the latter camp, then restoring, repairing, or refinishing are all options. However, if you want to sell it, you should bring it to a professional antique dealer for an appraisal. More often than not you’ll find that your antique furniture has already been subjected to restorations at some point. If this is the case, and the value is already significantly diminished, you may want to have it professionally restored, and could resell it later for what it is.

Either way, unless you are an experienced woodworker, antique furniture repair is not something you should try on your own.

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