Antique Furniture Restoration: Is my Vintage Furniture Worth Refinishing? Part II

In the second part of our series we find out if antique furniture restoration is always worth it.

Last month we began a two-part series on wooden furniture restoration using the example of a bedroom set found at a local thrift shop. We asked if antique furniture restoration is always worth it. Here are some more considerations to determine whether or not investing in professional antique restoration services is appropriate for you.


What do you want to do with the antique furniture in question?

Do you want to add it to your personal collection or resell it? If it’s just for you – and you love the piece – you’ll love it even more after it’s restored.   Professional antique furniture restoration services will likely be much more cost-effective than purchasing new. That’s because old wood tends to be of higher quality than the modern stuff. So a comparable piece of comparable quality would cost you much more brand new.

On the other hand, reselling antique furniture requires you to make a profit. Some collectors may not want to purchase anything that’s restored. You should research similar antique wooden furniture and see how much it’s going for, and whether or not it’s refinished.


Is your wooden furniture antique or just old?

If you aren’t sure, have your piece evaluated. If it’s old and rare, then you’ll want to hire a professional (like LE Furniture Repair) for antique furniture restoration services. Barry knows exactly what to do to preserve the value of antique wooden furniture.

If it’s just plain old and not valuable – antique furniture restoration by LE Furniture Repair can at least make it live up to it’s potential!

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