Bedroom Set Refinishing: Should I Refinish my Wooden Bedroom Set?

Today we find out if bedroom set refinishing is always worth it in part 1 of our 2 part
series on wooden furniture restoration.

You just found a beautiful antique (or at least old!) bedroom set at your local
secondhand shop to restore. At that price, it’s a bargain – even after the cost of

Or is it? Here are a couple of things to consider before purchasing the old bedroom
furniture with the intent to restore it.

Questions to ask before investing in bedroom set refinishing

Is the bedroom set made from high-quality wood?

When it comes to refinishing wooden bedroom sets, Barry always says the older, the
better. That’s because prior to the 1960’s wooden furniture was made from higher –
quality material. While particleboard was technically around in the 1950’s, it wasn’t
until much later that it became affordable (due to low-quality materials). Suddenly,
the market was flooded with cheap furniture.

Real wooden furniture holds up during the refinishing process, and usually restores

Is it painted?

When you find painted wooden furniture you have to ask why anyone would feel the
need to paint over real wood? Is there mold under that paint? Extensive fire or
water damage? If so, it may not be worth the cost of restoration.

However, if the varnish is just old and dirty – and you can see what’s underneath –
then bedroom set refinishing could bring that old furniture back to life.
Next month, we’ll continue with more questions you should ask to decide if
bedroom set refinishing is right for you.

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