We Come to You: Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Nassau County

Nassau County Residents: Do your kitchen cabinets look tired, worn, and dated? Are they covered in dents, knicks, scratches, or stains? Then maybe it’s time to upgrade. No, we don’t mean you should go out and buy all new cabinets. Why buy new – when you can refinish and make new again? LE Furniture Repair’s […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Queens

  Did you know that LE Furniture Repair’s kitchen cabinet refinishing services in Queens is one of the most affordable ways to transform the look and feel of your kitchen? Barry offers a low price guarantee, meaning his work can’t be beat. The best part is that he comes right to your residence in Queens. […]

Low-Budget Kitchen Makeover: Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Other Affordable Upgrades

Did you know that LE Furniture Repair’s kitchen cabinet refinishing service is one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your living space? Save thousands of dollars on your low-budget kitchen makeover by splurging on a few cans of paint, some hardware, and two or three new-to-you pieces—appliances or furniture—from your local thrift shop. Next, […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: A Maintenance Guide

If you love the look of your kitchen after LE Furniture Repair’s kitchen cabinet refinishing and dining room restoration services, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep it looking new. Make sure to ask Barry what kind of finish he used, and how to clean and maintain it. If you did your own kitchen […]

Affordable Dining Set Restoration Services

Do you have buyer’s remorse after purchasing a ‘new to me’ dining set? Do words like ‘wrecked’, ‘botched’, ‘ruined’, and ‘utterly destroyed’ come to mind every time you look it at? Perhaps the pictures were inaccurate, or the movers damaged it in transit—whatever the case, chances are your dining set can be restored. Dining set […]

Budget-Friendly Bed Frame Repair

Don’t let a damaged bed frame keep you awake at night. With LE Furniture Repair’s affordable wooden bed frame repair services, you’ll never toss and turn trying to get comfortable again. Many people believe that the secret to sound sleep lies in a high-quality mattress, but that’s not entirely true. A mattress is only as […]

Why Hire a Professional For Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing?

With so many DIY kitchen cabinet refinishing guides online, why should you hire someone to do it for you? If you look on YouTube, or just do a quick Google search, it seems like such an easy thing to do. While kitchen cabinet refinishing isn’t quite rocket science, it takes years of experience and skill […]

Advantages of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Creating the kitchen of your dreams doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Kitchen cabinet refinishing services by LE Furniture Repair are affordable on almost any budget, and offer a number of advantages. Saves time – The beauty of kitchen cabinet refinishing is that the entire process is done in your own home. Nothing needs to […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Brooklyn : Affordable Kitchen Upgrades

Summer is almost here. That means BBQs, fun, and friends. Make sure your kitchen is guest-ready with these affordable upgrades. Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Brooklyn –  If your kitchen cabinets are made from real wood, and you’re happy with the existing layout—then kitchen cabinet refinishing or restoring is affordable on almost any budget.   At one-tenth the […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Long Island: Not All Cabinets are Created Equal

The time for renovations, remodeling, restoring, and kitchen cabinet refinishing in Long Island is upon us. Spring is just around the corner, and we are all ready for change after a cold Long Island winter. For many, that change begins with kitchen cabinets. While a complete kitchen makeover may not be feasible – there are […]