Restaurant Furniture Restoration: An Affordable Alternative to Buying New

See how much your business can save with restaurant furniture restoration by LE Furniture Repair.  

NYC Restaurant Furniture Repair

One of the biggest challenges New York City restaurant owners face is keeping their furniture looking new.  With thousands of customers a day, wooden restaurant furniture is subject to serious wear and tear.  Yet, buying all new tables, chairs, and barstools every few months would take a serious toll on the bottom line.  Especially in the New York market, aesthetics are everything – and while the vintage look may be hot, sitting on broken down barstools is not.

So what’s a restaurant owner to do? Luckily, LE Furniture Repair offers affordable  restaurant furniture restoration services that can save your business thousands of dollars.  It’s the perfect alternative to buying new.

The best part is that you never have to worry about shipping anything out because we come to you.   All restaurant furniture restoration work is done on-site, so you can focus on running your business. 

From oak barstools to antique tables and chairs, LE Furniture Repair specializes in making old wooden furniture look new – and at a fraction of the cost of replacing. Unlike other restoration companies, our refinishing process goes beyond simply slapping on a coat of lacquer.  We take our time stripping your restaurant tables and chairs, and properly preparing them for the refinishing process to ensure a long-lasting result.

Call us today to see if our restaurant furniture restoration services make sense for your business! 

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