Category: Restored Furniture

Custom Wood Refinishing NYC : The Perfect Holiday Gift

Custom Wood Refinishing NYC by LE Furniture Repair makes old things look new – and can be the perfect gift too. Le Furniture Repair’s custom wood refinishing services in NYC make the perfect gift for the loved one who has everything. Maybe your significant other has an old desk he’s wanted to restore, or your […]

Affordable Wooden Bed Frame Repair, NYC

LE Furniture Repair offers affordable wooden bed frame repair in your NYC home or apartment. If your wooden bed frame splits or cracks, you might think the cheapest repairs are the kind you do yourself.  If you’re a skilled woodworker, with years of experience fixing furniture, then this could very well be true. However, if […]

Antique Furniture Repair: When Not to Restore

Perhaps you picked up an antique wooden table at a road show, or inherited old furniture that has been in your family for generations. At best, it shows signs of wear and tear; at worst, it’s completely unusable. You’re probably wondering if antique furniture repair or restorations are right for your piece. As any seasoned […]

Antique Furniture Repair : Are Restorations Worth It?

As any fan of the Antique Road Show knows, repairs often diminish the value of antique furniture. So before you even think about restorations, ask yourself—is it worth it? If your furniture is rare, considered to be a masterpiece, or the work of a notable manufacturer or artist, it almost certainly will lose value after […]

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