Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Brooklyn: Refacing vs. Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Le Furniture Repair offers high-quality, custom kitchen cabinet refinishing services in  Brooklyn, NY.  

As summer fades away, nothing helps alleviate the end of fun season blues like a kitchen makeover. Keeping your home or apartment looking new makes the transition from sun-kissed beach days to  dark-by-dinner after work nights more bearable.

If you’re on a budget, it’s important to examine your options.  Today we’ll focus on refinishing vs. refacing kitchen cabinets.  Both keep your existing kitchen layout intact and focus on surface updates.

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Kitchen cabinet refacing –  Refacing kitchen cabinets entails removing existing doors and veneers, and replacing them with updated models.  This is an affordable option if your cabinets are made from low-grade wood or other materials, such as particle board or low-quality laminates.

The cost of refacing depends entirely on how many updates you make, and of course, on the price of parts.  If you go this route, it’s important to shop around and do price comparisons. While replacing only door handles and installing laminate veneers could be relatively inexpensive, adding new shelving, plus brand new wooden cabinet doors could blow your budget.  Add labor costs and things quickly get expensive.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing –  Though we may be a little biased on this topic, kitchen cabinet refinishing is LE Furniture Repair’s number one recommended kitchen upgrade.  Like owner Barry Lewis always says, “Kitchen cabinet refinishing costs half the price of refacing and one-tenth the cost of replacing.” What’s not to love? As long as you have real wooden cabinets, refinishing means you can transform the look of your kitchen for less than one month’s rent!