Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: Painting Vs. Refinishing

Many people are tempted to paint their kitchen cabinets because it is quick, cheap, and relatively easy to do.  But despite what you see on home improvement shows and websites—you can’t just slap a few coats of paint on your wooden cabinets and expect them to look like new.

According to Barry Lewis, owner of LE Furniture Repair in Howard Beach, Queens, refinishing kitchen cabinets offers longer lasting and better looking results than painting.

“Painting real wood cabinets is a terrible idea because it hides the beauty of the wood and you don’t see the grain,” he said. “Painting highlights flaws in the wood, while refinishing brings out its natural beauty. People spend thousands of dollars on buying custom made kitchen cabinets; why would someone with real wood want to hide and potentially ruin it?”

While a fresh paint job may look good in the short term, it doesn’t take long before the paint cracks, chips, and peels. Also, once you decide on paint, it’s harder to go back later and restore the natural wood.  High-quality kitchen cabinet refinishing services could add value to your home, while a bad paint job may decrease its value and harm the wood.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing costs half the price of refacing, and one-tenth of the price of replacing…if you have real wooden cabinets, then it’s a no brainer. Refinishing is the way to go,”  Lewis said.