Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Queens: Painting vs. Reglazing

If you’re debating whether you should paint your kitchen cabinets or refinish them, there are a few things you should consider.  While painted cabinets may be all the rage on Pinterest and DIY home improvement sites, the truth is that fresh new look you see in photos doesn’t last.  Paint cracks, peels, and fades in no time flat – and when that happens – your kitchen cabinets will look shabbier than when you started. 

Barry Lewis, owner of LE Furniture Repair in Howard Beach, Queens, believes that kitchen cabinet refinishing, also called reglazing, is preferable to painting because it lasts longer and looks better.

“Why would anyone lucky enough to have kitchen cabinets made from real wood want to ruin them with a bad paint job? Painting highlights flaws and masks the wood’s natural beauty because it hides the grain,” he said.

A fresh paint job may be the cheapest, easiest solution, but results are short lived. That said if you are a student on a budget, or a short-term renter looking for a low-cost way to brighten up kitchen cabinets made from low-quality materials (not wood), painting is fine…as long as you keep your expectations reasonable.

But if you have wooden cabinets, remember that high-quality kitchen cabinet refinishing services could increase your home’s value, while a bad paint job on good wood could both decrease the selling price, and harm the wood.

“Reglazing your kitchen cabinets is half-the-price of refacing, and one-tenth of the price of replacing. It’s simple math, if you want to save money, and make your old cabinets look new, refinishing is the only way to go,” Barry said.