Low-Budget Kitchen Makeover: Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Other Affordable Upgrades

Did you know that LE Furniture Repair’s kitchen cabinet refinishing service is one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your living space?

Save thousands of dollars on your low-budget kitchen makeover by splurging on a few cans of paint, some hardware, and two or three new-to-you pieces—appliances or furniture—from your local thrift shop.

Next, enlist a few friends to help you out. If guilt-trips fail, then you’ll have to spring for the chips, dip, and beer to lure them over. But, we promise, it will be well worth it.

Throw a swap party – Instead of buying all new appliances, ask each friend to bring over a few lightly used kitchen gadgets he or she no longer uses, then trade until everyone gets something they can use.

Add an accent – While it’s true that light colors open up small spaces, creating a bright colored accent wall can add depth and warmth to your kitchen.

Update hardware – Replace dated bulbous knobs on your kitchen cabinets with trendy tubular handles for a sleek and modern look.

Create space – For an instantaneous kitchen expansion, convert kitchen cabinets into open shelves by removing their doors.

Be bold – For owners of mismatched metal or particleboard cabinet sets only: a coat of red paint on a lone cabinet goes along way to create an eye-popping centerpiece. This bright hued accent piece works best to offset a neutral color scheme. Do not paint over real wooden cabinets – it can cause irreparable damage and decrease the value.

Get professional help – Nothing transforms the look and feel of your kitchen like LE Furniture Repair’s ultra-affordable kitchen cabinet refinishing services. If you have real wooden cabinets and are content with your kitchen’s existing layout, this option is for you!

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